The Hope Center for Autism is a Florida Public Charter School for children in grades pre kindergarten through grade two. There are several eligibility requirements that must be met in order be considered for enrollment. First, the student must be a resident of Martin County. As a public school, we only accept students whose primary residence in within Martin County boundaries. Second, the student must be determined eligible for Exceptional Education Services through the Martin County School District. This eligibility will be made through the school district staffing process. Third, the IEP team must determine that placement at The Hope Center is appropriate.

The Hope Center accepts applications for enrollment twice a year. The Hope Center has a cap on enrollment, which is determined each year by the Governing Board of Directors. The number of available slots is dependent on the cap set up, the Governing Board as well as the number of students graduating. If we receive more applications than available slots we are required by law to use a lottery system to determine acceptance.

The Hope Center will accept applications from June 1st – June 30th for enrollment in the Fall Semester. We may also accept applications from December 1st – December 15th (if slots are available) for enrollment in the Spring Semester. If there is an opening between these enrollment periods, The Hope Center may extend the enrollment period.

If you are interested in starting the enrollment process, please call us:
(772) 334-3288

Print and fill out the Pre-Application for Enrollment 2016-2017.