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Information about the Hope Center for Autism

Basic FAQ’s

Must my child have an official diagnosis of autism to attend The Hope Center?

No. Eligibility is determined by the school district and the eligibility staffing process. While a diagnosis of autism may speed that process up, it is not necessary to have an official diagnosis from a neurologist or psychologist.

Is The Hope Center a Public School?

Yes. The Hope Center is a Florida Public School in the Martin County School District.

Does The Hope Center charge tuition?

No. As a public school there is no tuition to attend The Hope Center.

What is the age level for The Hope Center?

The Hope Center is open to children in pre-kindergarten through grade three.


Will my child have an IEP at The Hope Center?

Yes. All students at The Hope Center have Individual Education Plans.

Is The Hope Center an ABA program?

Yes. The Hope Center follows the principles of applied behavior analysis.

Is The Hope Center a discrete trial program?

No. The Hope Center does use the discrete trial methodology, however it is not the only methodology used. The Hope Center also uses incidental teaching, small group instruction, and other response based instructional methods. All teaching does follow the principles of applied behavior analysis.

What is the student to teacher ratio?

The Hope Center utilizes low student to staff ratios. The actual ratio fluctuates but is never more then 1 staff per 2 students. Each student receives one on one instruction each day.

Must the staff at The Hope Center undergo background screenings?

Yes. As required by Florida Statute all staff are fingerprinted for a background check and drug tested.

Does The Hope Center offer Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy?

Yes. The Hope Center offers a certified Speech and Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist to students who have those services included in their IEP.

Does The Hope Center offer summer school?

The Hope Center provides Extended School Year Services (ESY) to students who have ESY services indicated on their IEP. ESY services can be delivered in a number of different ways and each student’s ESY service delivery method will be determined by the IEP Team.