The Hope Center encourages volunteer participation by individuals and groups in local schools, central and area offices, and supervised off-school activities before, during, and after school hours.


A volunteer is a non-paid person functioning under at the direction of the responsible administrator.

The Volunteer Coordinator shall be responsible for the direction of the program and its compliance with all laws pertaining to volunteers, which shall include the recruitment of volunteers and the evaluation of the program.

All volunteers shall sign in and out when volunteering in a school or in a school-related activity. All schools shall maintain a log of volunteers.

Volunteers shall register each year.

Volunteers may be screened through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement or other School Board approved background screening service. HOPE CENTER REQUIRES THIS SCREENING BE COMPLETED FOR VOLUNTEERS PROVIDING SERVICE IN THE CLASSROOMS.


  • Instructional Volunteers
    Provide services to students and staff on a regular basis.

  • Resource Volunteers
    Provide curriculum enrichment for students on an occasional basis. Discuss jobs; demonstrate crafts, share collections or hobbies with classes, etc. HOPE CENTER RESOURCE VOLUNTEERS ARE LOCATED BY THE FRONT OFFICE IN THE IEP ROOM.

  • Organizational Volunteers
    Comprise the school community organizations (Box Tops, Committee, fundraisers, etc.).

  • Business/Education Partnerships
    The Volunteer Services Office will serve as a clearinghouse for business/education partnerships (mentor programs, etc.).

  • Mentors for Students
    Work with individual students encouraging academic remediation, communication skills, and goal development.


Work within guidelines established by the responsible administrator. Perform any task assigned by their supervisors and approved by the responsible administrators, excluding access to student cumulative records. Work under the direction and supervision of teachers or other members of the staff. Maintain strict confidentiality with information to which they have access while performing their duties. Be aware of all State and local policies, procedures, and laws relevant to volunteer responsibilities.


Please fill in the electronic Volunteer Application form at the Martin County School District website.

The Hope Center for Autism would like to thank you for coming in and giving your time to help the staff. We appreciate your support.